Weight Loss Rules

The 3 Rules for Weight Loss Success and how to Weed through all the marketing hype

Like many of our users, you’ve probably seen reviews of diet pills on various web sites.  And by now may feel overwhelmed with the amount of information out there. Unfortunately much of the diet pill advertising is mostly all hype, pushing one diet product or another and cashing in on the latest weight loss fad.

That’s why we set out to research virtually all of the weight loss pills on the market today.  It took months to analyze, but in the end our research clearly separated the good from the bad.  Consumer Diet Reviews is proud to present our research for the very best diet pills in the market.

Your 3 rules to weight loss success:

1. Hoodia can potentially be a very effective appetite suppressant, as it reportedly curbs the appetite. However, make sure the Hoodia diet pill you buy comes from a vendor with  a Phytosanitary, USDA protected plant permit , and recent CITES certificate to authenticate pure hoodia.

2.  Many diet pills have high caffeine content, which could cause problems similar to ephedra-based diet pills. For purposes of safety consider avoiding hyped Advantra Z or Guarana diet pills as these are caffeine based diet pills.

3.  Old and true time tested appetite suppressants have shown a history of success. Consider the Phenternin diet as part of your overall weight loss plan.

Thank you for visiting our site.  To your best of health from all of us.

The Staff of Consumer Diet Reports

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