Phenernin Review

Phenernin Diet Exposed!  Learn how Phenernin stacks up. 

Top diet pills awardPhenernin a top popular Appetite Suppressant diet pill is our 2013 best of the best diet pill. This powerful diet pill represents the best of its class with excellent potential for weight loss coupled with an extra large 90 pills per bottle.  Phenernin is a top performing best of class powerful oral appetite suppressant with excellent potential for weight loss.  Phenernin is a truly powerful diet pill and our best rated diet pill. In-depth reviews of Phenernin illustrate why it works as a top notch diet pill.  First, Phenernin comes with an extra large 90 count bottle vs. the typical 60 count diet products we’ve seen.  And second, Phenernin comes with a strong 750mg pure Hoodia formula per pill with a 2250 daily dose formula.

Hoodia weight loss research

Hoodia research performed at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research in South Africa focused the Hoodia “bush food”.  Hoodia is is plant that was commonly consumed by African natives.  Scientists discovered that when animals ate hoodia, they lost weight, without any negative effects.   Later, a British pharmaceutical company called Phytopharm began to study hoodia for weight loss and patented the active molecule in hoodia gordonii called P57.  Phytopharm reported that hoodia had “extensive safety studies performed and had been clinically proven to reduce calorie intake and body fat.”

How does Phenernin’s Hoodia work?


Hoodia contains a reported “miracle molecule” that tricks the brain into thinking you’re full. You’re body still needs food and you should eat small well-balanced meals. But the Hoodia will help control your hunger so you don’t reach for food when your body doesn’t need it. It helps kill the cravings for unhealthy food and overeating.

What makes Phenernin different than other Hoodia diet pills?

Unlike other diet pills Phenernin was the only hoodia diet pill we were able to locate with all the credentials authenticating its pure South African Hoodia ingredient.  First, Phenernin came with a USDA protected plant permit and second it included a Phytosanitary permit.  Third, Phenernin had all other certifications one would seek in any Hoodia product include an independent lab report and CITES certificate.  Lastly, Phenernin came with a gurantee policy, the product had various favorable user testimonials we found online.   Learn more at the Phenernin product page.

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